Platform Power Moves Enterprise Culture

For over 30 years, Great Place to Work has been a leader in the field of company culture, helping organizations build high-trust workplace environments and drive success through employee motivation. In an effort to create an outstanding platform experience for their clients, based on big data and AI technology, GPTW partnered with HTEC.

The Challenge

The impact of GPTW on surveying millions of employees globally has been super-charged with the latest technology, enabling GPTW to remain, and thrive, at the forefront of the global company culture movement.

The primary goal was to utilize the platform technology as a way of reinventing GPTW’s current business. One of the aims was to elevate the level of service by introducing the platform to a variety of new customers, but also enhancing the experience for the current ones, some of which have been loyal customers for decades. Another objective was to increase the already high product lifecycle value and frequency of its use, which would naturally result in higher up-sale opportunities. Finally, HTEC worked on empowering GPTW employees to deliver higher value services to their customers thus improving the company’s overall performance.

The impact of GPTW on surveying millions of employees globally has been super-charged with the latest technology, enabling GPTW to remain, and thrive, at the forefront of the global company culture movement.

The Capacity

The joint effort, good communication and commitment resulted in enhancing the current value-driven operations, removing the resource-draining ones and adding new high-value products and services to GPTW’s portfolio.

HTEC’s team developed a highly customizable, dynamic, multilingual platform for assessing global workplace culture with benchmark data across different cultures, markets, industries and time spans, which is easy-to-use, with super fast data processing. Having in mind the sensitive personal data of millions of employees, the highest levels of security were implemented.

With a premium product, details are crucial. Therefore, particular attention was paid to specific features, developing a unique and superior product. Knowledge transfer and cooperation with the internal GPTW IT team were integral for a swift transition to HTEC’s development methodology.

Knowing that even the smallest improvements in our code were having major effects on global workforce culture is what motivated our team at HTEC to build an exceptional platform that now serves more than 2,000 companies in the US and will soon expand its global reach.

The Success

The ultimate success of our platform is measured by the increasing number of workplaces which are now nurturing a culture of Respect, Honesty, Inclusion, Diversity, Equality, Safety, and Belonging for all. By using the platform to collect valuable employee feedback, organizations are empowered to evaluate and navigate their culture strategies to ensure long-term business success and the loyalty of their teams.

Undoubtedly, technology is playing an integral part in interactions between people, shaping corporate culture along the way. With the new, technology-driven approach, workplace culture will become more and more fluid, and generate more and more data. This data needs to be captured. On any device. At any time. And this is what GPTW is now able to provide for its clients.

The workplace of the future should be a safe environment, which nurtures Respect, Fairness, Honesty, Inclusion and Belonging for all.

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