Next Generation Supply Chains

Stena Orbit platform brings digitalization of the tanker shipping industry, offering Stena’s personnel and customers a way to increase the productivity and allow them to make better and faster decisions based on the vast and organized set of data.

The Challenge

Accurate and well-organized data are essential to making good decisions and running a business most efficiently. That is why a well-developed system to track own assets was crucial for the company like Stena. However, the inability to monitor the movement and business activities of competitor companies and assets indirectly can affect the business itself and brings uncertainty into the process.

The shipping industry is quite volatile and facing many different challenges. The key is in digitalization.

The Capacity

The primary goal of the platform is to offer Stena’s personnel and customers a way to increase the productivity and allow them to make better and faster decisions based on the vast, but a well-organized set of data.

Orbit includes a responsive web application, which supports small portable devices but also big presentation screens, and touch screens; and a mobile app, designed to show data relevant only on the move, which is used for fast decision making, with the optimized battery saving option. The data from third-party applications fed into the Orbit database is used for visualization, and it is improved, allowing users to contribute by entering data and comments manually. The historical data is used to analyze the market and learn from the past to predict the future.

Before Orbit, it was almost impossible to track the movement and businesses of competitor’s companies and assets, which indirectly affected the business and was bringing the uncertainty into the process. For this reason, the Orbit pays particular attention to this segment, introducing transparency into, what used to be, a traditionally reserved environment. By harvesting the information about all the tankers worldwide, Orbit is capable of not only tracking the competition but also predicting the near-future actions that should be taken to optimize the fleets sustainability and utilization.

Stena Orbit platform, which was developed by HTEC’s engineers, brings a new dimension by pioneering the digitalization of the tanker shipping industry.

The Success

Managing the vessels, and their voyages and cargoes are the central points of the platform. Stena employees are now able to plan future and operate current voyages by instantaneously reacting to the alerts and notifications that are related to the assets that are under their jurisdiction, but they can now as well track the competitors’ moves. Stena Orbit is an ongoing project developed and maintained by a team of professionals who mastered the domain language of this specific industry. They propose the solutions that are bringing the values to the stakeholders and end-users of the platform, understanding and delivering what is critical to the client’s success – delivering customized and innovative transport solutions.

Stena Orbit platform was imagined and developed as a central point of everyday operations as it brings the complete overview of operating vessels and cargoes on those vessels.

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