“We Are All Mobile-First”: Reimagining Management

Quinyx is a Scandinavian market leader in SaaS Workforce Management and is helping businesses reduce costs and enjoy work with mobile-first, cloud-based workforce planning software. Its modular product provides support for managers and employees, enabling functions like scheduling and task management, thus saving time, and allowing their customers to run their businesses more efficiently.

The Challenge

Quinyx has started to change the way workforce is organized with a tool to plan and track shifts easily. Driven by the belief that management of staff can be made much more efficient and fun, Quinyx created a modular product in which customers can choose one or more modules for their business needs, including schedule, task, time, budget and forecast, communication and insights.

Serving more than 200,000 users and customers like McDonald’s, Papa John’s, London City Airport and DHL and entering different industry verticals like retail, hotel management, restaurant services and health-care, created the need for a modern, cloud-based platform and transition into the mobile-first world. Together with the Quinyx development team, HTEC is collaboratively working on the complete system development of and support for the new platforms.

Large organizations and systems that have employees working in shifts face challenges handling working schedules, requiring a lot of manual work.

The Capacity

The biggest challenge in shifting from the classic Quinyx platform to the new one was transitioning the functionality between the two. The goal was to keep only those functionalities that users access on a daily basis, while developing the required new ones.

The whole project was done with flexibility in mind, so that each customer can adjust the product according to their needs. This makes the system suitable for different kinds of companies, and is also user-friendly for varying levels within a company.

During the development process, teams working on different platforms, mobile and cloud-based, were able to simultaneously plan, implement and evaluate work being done. The process was enhanced through storytelling, grooming, solution design, implementation and end-to-end testing.

One of the newly developed benefits of the app includes a shortened release cycle, bringing new functionalities faster to end users thus enabling faster user feedback for the implemented features. Customers can now also create reliable and intelligent staff management systems, optimized to match their business needs and follow up on their most important KPIs on a new, user-friendly platform. They can also use fully integrated time reporting on their mobile devices.

The Success

With their new mobile and modernized Neo platform, Quinyx is ready to conquer new geographical markets and enter new industry verticals, to become a global leader in cloud-based workforce management solutions.

For years, Quinyx has been helping businesses save time, reduce costs and automate the shift planning process, all while ensuring a happy, smiling workforce.

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