Groundbreaking ideas, top thinkers, and some of the world's best disruption stories

In a series of interviews with our partners, fellow entrepreneurs and some of the most brilliant people we know, we will talk about the world caught up in the fourth industrial revolution (Industry 4.0) and the fluidity of business today which requires a radically new type of entrepreneur—the one who can inspire others and offer a different perspective. These amazing people will share their stories and bring us tidings from the global startup and tech community. Sharing success is sharing our stories!

Grow your leadership potential

This is for those who want to be more than just a leader. For those who are looking to develop their skills and identities to position themselves as the drivers of change. Counting some of the world’s most renowned leaders in tech—Fast Forward is the place where we, Entrepreneurs 4.0, share stories to inspire actions that we can apply immediately in our businesses and communities.

Creating Your Personal Leadership Style

Maya Strelar-Migotti, C-Level Global Executive, currently the CEO of 4IPA, Inc. and Advisor at HTEC, talks about her worldwide executive career leading the cutting-edge product innovation in large globally distributed teams and her activism in the domain of women corporate leadership.

Maya Strelar-Migotti
C-Level Executive | Product Innovation

Coaching Exceptional Deep Tech Companies

Sasha Ostojic, Operating Partner at Playground Global and Advisor at HTEC, on his 30+ years of Silicon Valley career working on the cutting edge of technology innovation, the beginning of AI, his experience in scaling extraordinary startups, and his view on autonomous driving.

Sasha Ostojic
Operating Partner at Playground Global

Great Leader in the Era of Mass Disruption

Michael C. Bush from Great Place to Work on resilient company cultures, measuring employee happiness, innovation by all, how to become a great leader that everyone loves to work with, embracing the change, and scaling businesses.

Michael C. Bush
CEO at Great Place to Work

SaaS Solution for the Mobile-First World

Quinyx is a Scandinavian market leader in SaaS Workforce Management and its helping companies around the world to reduce costs and enjoy work with mobile-first, cloud-based software.

Björn Wahlberg
CTO at Quinyx

Setting the Beat in the Music Industry

Social networking has successfully gone mobile a long time ago, enabling many niche platforms to make a breakthrough. We talked about mobile tech and music industry with Elmo Lovano, the founder, and CEO of Jammcard, an app hailed by Forbes magazine as “the musician’s LinkedIn”.

Elmo Lovano
CEO at Jammcard
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