FinTech & Banking

Developing advanced technology solutions for FinTech and Banking companies to ensure faster digital transformation.

Wealth management

Working with the leading payment service providers and global banks to help develop and provide an overall wealth management system for their clients with the highest security protocols and performance standards of the banking software or application.

Highest security standards

With most banks moving towards a digital transformation and utilization of online banking the biggest concern is security for both the bank and its clients. HTEC implements the highest security standards and strict regulatory compliance to secure wealth management systems, while taking no compromises regarding the stability and performance of the banking software.

Integrated banking and customer experiences

By combining HTEC core engineering expertise with in-depth knowledge of Fintech industry trends and the customer experience in banking, we help companies improve their digital evolution and integrate wealth management solutions.

Smart financial insights

Significantly simplifying the handling of transactional reports by implementing new banking softwares and merging databases into completely customizable financial reports. HTEC expertise team develops in-depth functional banking analysis to improve commercial competitiveness with smart analytical insights.

End-to-end advances banking solutions

The HTEC expertise team delivers advanced financial and banking solutions, which transform existing banking technologies into custom digital banking softwares and applications. Our digital banking solutions use the latest technologies, functionalities, complex trend analysis, risk assessments, AI algorithms, Machine learning, and the latest transactional protocols with secure compliance standards.

Our experience

Our work

Multi-purpose Wealth Management System

Our client is a Swiss financial company providing wealth and asset management, as well as investment banking services for private, corporate, and institutional clients worldwide. HTEC is working with a multinational team of over 80 engineers from three countries, developing a broad range of complex software solutions.

The success

HTEC is developing a robust FinTech solution for a Swiss financial company. Our platform has significantly improved the level of satisfaction among our client's customers and employees, empowering them with necessary insights and tools for the next-level wealth and asset management.

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Highest security and regulatory standards, with no compromise in stability and performance.


Product design and development services

Enabling healthcare enterprises to adopt radically novel approaches to FinTech and Banking innovation with customer interactions in focus. We work with banking experts to discover how to cure with technology.
Our products are designed to blend in seamlessly. They enable connected digital experiences across all touchpoints between bankers and clients without disrupting their normal routine.
When building custom and integrating existing latest technologies into products, both software, and hardware, we make sure that the protocols and legislations are documented for banking services.
Always helping our customers bring products to the market, supporting them in scaling and continuous innovation with our best FinTech and Banking technology development and research teams.


Banking and financial insights combined with new technologies and big data to harness the power of digitization in a demanding new digital world.
Compliance consulting
Our compliance experts support your efforts in getting your banking technology aligned with the latest privacy compliance requirements.
Technology consulting
Advising on the existing latest Banking technology development trends our customers can build into their products to save on development costs and defining the areas where custom solutions are needed.
Disruption from within
Helping our customers monetize on the innovative banking technology we developed collaboratively and externalizing it through a joint venture where we can provide technology scaling resources.
Product to market strategy
Leveraging our experience working on the emerging Fintech and banking products, we help our customers adopt the most feasible business models to achieve fast product to market delivery.

How can we help bring your fin technology to the market?

We offer free 30 minute online consultation for qualified organizations.