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Discover Retail Initiatives Worth Investing in

Authors: Jovana Milankovic Osterday, Dusan Kolenovic

Content Summary

This article is part of our Retail Reloaded series. The series offers a new vision for retail businesses through an evolved use of technology, cutting-edge innovation and digitalization practices that the leading retailers are implementing now to not only survive this crisis but emerge as winners.

Our hypothesis supports three core strategic actions that leaders must take. SAVE, ACCELERATE, and SHARE. These strategies will guide you on both how to best use technology and where you should be developing new capabilities, new skills, and, importantly, a new vision for the future.

In this article, we talk about a special technique in design thinking, used by some of the most innovative companies in the world to bring revolutionary products to the market quickly, with minimum investment, technology dead ends, and people drainage involved. We guide you through the process of discovery, show you how to set up an experiment, test the hypotheses, organize interviews, pick and engage users and, finally, which tools to use for maximum efficiency.

Discover Retail Initiatives Worth Investing in

Jovana Milankovic Osterday

Marketing Manager

I'm Jovana, but friends call me JoJo. A San Francisco based writer and business developer at HTEC. Through FastForward interviews, I explore the state of business in the age of disruption. My mission is to discover exceptional leaders who are challenging the status quo and share their stories with you.

Dusan Kolenovic

Product Manager

Product manager with a sound track record of ramping up SaaS products (and internal processes) for rapid scaling, focused on Retail, Medical and FinTech industries.

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