LabTech & ScienceTech

First-rate solutions developed using the latest technologies, from the food industry to analytical chemistry

Top-notch tech solutions

Whether it involves control and operating analyzers, embedded solutions, telemetry, sensors or the Internet of Things, we provide advanced tech solutions that can be crucial for digital transformation. Moreover, our extensive experience with the Cloud can ensure a secure and reliable connection of numerous devices for increased connectivity and data aggregation.

Extensive domain knowledge you can rely on

From spectroscopy, spectrophotometry and gas chromatography to physical and chemical parameters analysis, we are able to provide expertise and domain knowledge that guarantees successful implementation and fast market launch. We’ll help you reach new heights by integrating your entire process into a fully digitized business, ensuring remote instrument management and control, better cost savings, and next-gen interdepartmental cooperation and planning.

Joint R&D for next-gen solutions

Our teams are ready to help you achieve full digital transformation or participate in your solution from ideation to implementation and maintenance. We propose ideas, do our own research, and act as an R&D department for our clients, with extensive experience in prototyping.

Testing at its best

Our experts use first-class testing techniques and tools that support all stages: from the initial software design phase throughout the entire development lifecycle, until acceptance and beta testing, ensuring that we only deliver solutions with the highest levels of quality.

Industry standards compliance

We make sure that technology development goes hand in hand with strict regulations and compliance, and that the solutions we deliver are in accordance with standards like ASTM International, GPA, DIN, EN, ISO, and IP. Moreover, following the best practices described by GLP, we ensure that our original equipment manufacturer (OEM) clients achieve full compliance and audit-readiness. We also guarantee that any personal data and sensitive information stay protected and secured.


Product design and development services

Our lab software and solutions are designed to blend in seamlessly with your existing systems and provide a highly connected digital environment for increased lab automation.
Enabling LabTech and ScienceTech enterprises to adopt and incorporate lab technology innovation with a focus on workflow streamlining, more granular data analysis, and remote instrument management.
Development & Compliance
When building and integrating custom lab and science solutions - both software and hardware - we make sure that they are developed in compliance with all the latest industry standards and regulations.
Our LabTech and ScienceTech development and research teams help our clients to bring their products to the market and support them in terms of product integration and scaling for continuous innovation.


Modern lab and science technology combined with business insights and unlocked big data opportunities allow our clients to harness the power of digitization and automation.
Technology consulting
Professional advising on the latest lab and science technology development and trends in terms of optimal ways to build LabTech solutions and implement them into existing systems in cost-effective ways.
Disruption from within
Helping our customers monetize on innovative lab and science technology that we develop collaboratively, externalizing it through a joint venture where we can provide technology scaling resources.
Product to market strategy
We help our clients adopt the most feasible technology development strategies to achieve faster product to market delivery. We do so by leveraging our experience working on the most cutting edge lab and science tech products.

How can we help bring your lab technology to the market?

We offer free 30 minute online consultation for qualified organizations.