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Delivering Smart Mobility and logistics transformation solutions for public and private sector.

Smart mobility solutions

HTEC helps logistics and shipping companies take fleet management to the next level. Our robust transportation and logistics software make it easy for our customers to maximize fleet efficiency for considerable cost savings by utilizing (among other factors) the historical and real-time dynamics of their capacity.

Real-time tracking

Detailed tracking and reporting for each vehicle or vessel. We create scalable mobile and web logistics management software that empower our customers with unprecedented clarity about their fleets' real-time location and capacity, as well as their optimal routes to reduce carbon footprint.

Occupancy and energy efficiency

Scheduling of voyages made easy with supreme transportation management. Design thinking incorporated into the product UIs' fleet visualizations to enhance decision making and ensure maximum vessel occupancy and energy efficiency.

Analytics and performance tracking

We take vast amounts of data and abstract them to the point where all information about trips, personnel and vehicles lies within a single, unified view. We then add additional context regarding asset utilization and performance metrics (all obtained from native devices). Providing clarity and insights for mobility optimization.

Reliable delivery systems

In these unprecedented times, HTEC helps its clients design and develop transportation solutions and management software to ensure traceable delivery for their shipments. With detailed delivery tracking and reporting our clients get transparent information about the location and movement of their shipments.

Our experience

Our work


Next Generation Supply Chains

Stena Orbit platform digitalizes our client's entire tanker shipping business, offering Stena’s personnel and customers a way to increase productivity and allowing them to make informed decisions fast based on the vast real-time fleet data.

The success

Stena Orbit is an ongoing project developed and maintained by a team of professionals who mastered the domain language of maritime industry, supported by HTEC's technical and creative expertise. The solutions we build are designed to enhance and transform the shipping industry, creating new value to the stakeholders and end-users of the platform.

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Digitalization of the tanker shipping industry


Product design and development

We start from your dynamic market and work our way backwards to create reliable end-user applications and platforms that support your shipping, tracking, routing, navigation and cash-less payment processes at scale.
By delivering custom Machine Learning solutions which lay on top of your existing systems, we help you predict seasonality, optimize off-peak times, and increase the overall operational efficiency to achieve a positive effect on your margins.


Automate your operations and decrease the margin for error to an infinitesimal level by utilizing our experience in helping ship billion dollars worth of goods across continents.
Technology consulting
We make sure your tech stack is reshaped to bring the most value in the shortest amount of time by focusing on your existing margins and company vision.
Analytics & optimization
By combining data gathered from our monitoring modules, we aim to increases the productivity and efficiency of your transportation venture.
Disruption from within
We help you monetize on the new transportation technology we developed collaboratively by externalizing it through a joint venture where we can provide technology scaling resources.

How can we help bring your transportation technology to the market?

We offer free 30 minute online consultation for qualified organizations.