Enterprise Cloud Solutions

Powering vital relationships between businesses and stakeholders.

Enabling connections

Business and collaboration apps that power seamless connections and make teamwork easy. Together with our customers, we design and deliver leading technology for workforce and culture management. Our products help Fortune 500 businesses elevate their work and build stronger culture.

Digitalizing collaboration

Our innovation focuses on capturing the opportunity of a more connected and agile business. We build digital pillars for a modern employer who needs to hire quickly, enable remote work, and provide the flexibility and community sought after by the new workforce.

Delivering excellence

We deliver end-to-end technology solutions. By harnessing the forces of cloud computing and emerging technologies, we help our customers achieve reduced time to market and outstanding efficiency. Design thinking is integrated into our product development ensuring a product market fit.

Focusing insights

We absolutely excel in transforming large and intricate data sets into intelligence which informs your market expertise and improves your bottom line. Data science is at the core of everything we build. Your productivity depends on focused insights. Our technology delivers curated intelligence to your teams.

Our experience

Our work


Mobile first workforce management

Quinyx is a Scandinavian market leader in SaaS Workforce Management helping businesses reduce costs and enjoy work with mobile-first, cloud-based workforce planning software. Its modular product provides support for managers and employees, enabling functions like scheduling and task management, which allow for more flexible and efficient business and workforce operations.

The success

With their mobile Neo platform, Quinyx is ready to conquer new markets and enter new industry verticals to become a global leader in cloud-based workforce management solutions.

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We Are Mobile-First.

SaaS Solution for the Mobile-First World

Quinyx is a Scandinavian market leader in SaaS Workforce Management and its helping companies around the world to reduce costs and enjoy work with mobile-first, cloud-based software.

Björn Wahlberg
CTO at Quinyx


Product design and development

Enabling stakeholder interactions. We help clients discover top-of-the-shelf software products that bring the most value to their users and accelerate growth.
Our products are designed to blend in seamlessly. They enable connected digital experiences across all touch points between businesses, employees and stakeholders without disrupting their normal routine.
We build custom and integrate existing latest technologies. Our software-development methodologies rely on error-proof incremental delivery and allow for fast scaling.
Always helping our customers bring products to the market, supporting them in scaling and continuous innovation with our best technology development and research teams.


Business insights combined with new technologies and big data to harness the power of digitization in a demanding new digital world.
Compliance consulting
Our compliance experts support your efforts in getting your technology aligned with the latest privacy compliance requirements.
Technology consulting
Advising on the existing latest technology development trends our customers can build into their products to save on development costs and defining the ares where custom solutions are needed.
Disruption from within
Helping our customers monetize on the innovative technology we developed collaboratively and externalizing it through a joint venture where we can provide technology scaling resources.
Product to market strategy
Leveraging our experience working on the emerging software products and platforms, we help our customers adopt the most feasible business models to achieve fast product to market delivery.

How can we help bring your product to the market?

We offer free 30 minute online consultation for qualified organizations.