Are You Ready for the 2nd Round of HTEC’s JS Roundtable?

HTEC Nis office will be hosting its second Roundtable discussion for JavaScript engineers on May 22.

After the positive response from the first JS Roundtable organized in November 2018, where engineers from different companies discussed the topics of web app optimization and app architecture, and a visit to the JSHeroes Conference in Romania in April this year, we were inspired to organize another panel for JS knights.

js roundtable htec

The number of participants is again limited to 10 people to enable a productive discussion and meaningful contribution of each of the attendees. Make sure to fill in the form and apply on time by clicking here.

The event is scheduled for 6 PM, in HTEC’s Nis office (Nikole Pasica 28, 3d floor) and will be split into two parts, each 45 minutes long.

JS Application Asynchronicity – “How to deal with the asynchronous nature of web apps?”
General Discussion – “Let’s talk about testing, compile to JS languages, functional programming, web assembly, etc.“

The roundtable form was, for the second time, chosen to avoid one-sided communication and instead create a productive discussion from which the participants could reach useful conclusions, thus contributing to the JS developer community. HTEC’s web engineer and FE team lead in Nis, Hadyi Mario Petrovic will be the moderator of the roundtable discussion.

*You can apply through the Meetup website as well.