Disruption with world-class ventures

All our clients have a bit of HTEC embedded in their success. Over the years, HTEC has teamed up with leading organizations, research institutions, and emerging disruptive startups globally on some of the most cutting-edge projects, helping our clients solve complex technology challenges and disrupt their businesses. We are proud to be working side by side with these amazing ventures on building together the enterprises of the future.

“We Are All Mobile-First”: Reimagining Management

Quinyx is a Scandinavian market leader in SaaS Workforce Management and is helping businesses reduce costs and enjoy work with mobile-first, cloud-based workforce planning software. Its modular product provides support for managers and employees, enabling functions like scheduling and task management, thus saving time, and allowing their customers to run their businesses more efficiently.

Platform Power Moves Enterprise Culture

For over 30 years, Great Place to Work has been a leader in the field of company culture, helping organizations build high-trust workplace environments and drive success through employee motivation. In the effort to create outstanding platform experience for their clients based on big data and AI technology, GPTW partnered with HTEC.

Next Generation Supply Chains

Stena Orbit platform brings digitalization of the tanker shipping industry, offering Stena’s personnel and customers a way to increase the productivity and allow them to make better and faster decisions based on the vast and organized set of data.

Reducing Heart Attack Deaths with IoT and AI

HTEC engineering team in collaboration with the leading electrophysiologists and cardiologists has developed a complete telehealth solution which enables simple and comfortable ECG recording and analysis, combined with the quick, automatic and precise diagnosis of cardiac arrhythmias.

VR Shopping Experience

Trillenium wanted to revolutionize online shopping by enabling users to shop within the virtual representations of their favorite shops. In due course, they recognized the potential of VR as a technology and decided to create a platform that would host a number of shops which wanted to expand their businesses to “the virtual realm.”

Setting the Beat for Music Industry Networking

Jammcard is an invite-only app for music professionals, an efficient platform for creating and sharing creative portfolios which highlight user’s skills, experiences and media related to the industry. This innovative solution is the result of collaboration between prominent and experienced LA musician, Elmo Lovano, and HTEC team, and was created to facilitate communication and networking between users.

Fighting Mental Illness with Neurotechnology

Equipped with cutting-edge neurotechnology in the form of the SUBNETS system and its implantable devices, clinicians are now able to make informed and precise neurotechnological therapy to produce major improvements in the quality of life of people with the neuropsychological illness who have very few options with existing treatments.

Getting Smart About Energy Management

HTEC developed the complete Smart Energy Management System as a turnkey solution for an ECD client (Electricity Commercial Distribution). The solution enables full control over the management and distribution of electric energy and at the same time offers a high quality of service and better customer experience for the end-users.

Increasing Corporate Social Responsibility Management

Verso started as a static web page, which has, over time and with the help of HTEC, grown to become a trail-blazing multi-tenant SaaS platform.
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